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Specializing in FIA FT3-1999 custom & standard  fuel cells and  
fuel systems for off-road, road, and marine racing.
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Welcome to Harmon Racing Cells, your premier source for fuel storage safety.  Harmon Racing Cells has been in
business for over a decade now with over 30 years of experience in designing and fabricating both standard and
custom fuel cells for the racing industry.  Because of our obsession with quality we're quickly becoming world renown
for providing the highest quality, longest lasting, best performing fuel cells on the market. Whether for road, off-road,
or boat racing we've got the products and knowledge to help you get the most out of your fuel delivery system.
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Harmon Racing Cells offers the widest variety of services for our customers over any other fuel cell manufacturer on the planet.  From
safety bladder repair, can repair, and maintenance
to fuel system modernization, installation, and design we do it all.
We partner with nearly a dozen regional, national, and global shippers to get your orders fast and cheap.  Our AirService program allows
our customers to receive their fuel cell nearly anywhere in the world within 24 hrs for as little as $65USD.
Our products are FIA FT3-1999 certified for up to 7 years of competition use, which is why you'll find our products on nearly every
continent on the planet.  Our fuel cells are approved for use in: